For the Forsaken!

Kamiane Speech

Kamiane's speech before the battle for Razor Hill.

IoC PvP for Bloodwreck Bay! 4-6-2012

Bloodwreck Bay! 4-6-2012

IoC PvP for Bloodwreck Bay! 4-6-20122
IoC PvP for Bloodwreck Bay! 4-6-201223

LMAO! Look at those Alliance!

Public Event Landing at the Scarlet Palisade 1

Landing at the Scarlet Palisade

Monday, July 08, 2013
Location: Calston Estate in Tirisfal.

"Alliance forces will be landing in force and attempting to establish a functioning base of operations within the remnants of the Palisade. Our forces will be attempting to delay and disrupt the landing as much as possible in order to buy ourselves time.
“We arrived at Calston Estate around the hour of seven on this eve. The Alliance were stationed west of the small town and showed up with numbers to best our own. After several attempts at throwing them back, they finally retreated and fell back through the woods. We sent a scout to follow and make sure that they were not returning so we could tend to the wounded forces and retreat ourselves. "

Public Event Landing at the Scarlet Palisade 3
Public Event Landing at the Scarlet Palisade 2

Removal of the Kor'Kron soldiers in the Undercity campgain -2013

Marching through the tunnels

Dalaran Insurgency campaign --2013

The LoV was charged with the mission of planting chemicals in the floating city. They went through the troll infested zones in attempt to escort the cargo.


Manstein's Death at the gate. 2013


Gathering of assorted guild leaders for future campaign against the Alliance.

Various screenshots throughout the campaigns


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