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Vyper Treaty Meetings (Currently under construction)

The Vyper Treaty?


The Legion of Vengeance is often required to attend the meetings related to the Vyper Treaty. In most cross faction PvP events, the Vyper treaty is involved a great deal and the guilds that are joined discuss in character stradegies.

Most of the times these events are held in Orgrimmar as that is our primary location for discussions. The Vyper Treaty in addition includes the PvP events that follow the meetings held.

There are currently three guilds within the Treaty. The Sunguard, The Kor'Kron Legion and the Legion of Vengeance are the banners that are involved.

If a guild wishes to join the Treaty, a vote is passed by all of the officer members of the organization for the new additions to be made.

The Vyper treaty is something mentioned quite a few times on the Hand of Vengeance news page.

The VT is a pact created through a group of roleplay guilds on Moonguard to keep things in order. By doing this, the groups are brought together and help each other out when needed.

Due to the fact that all guilds involved signed a contract, helping each other is a requirement. In many chases this helps LoV gain favor and hide its true colors from the public eye.

Order of the Veiled Eye / The Unchained Grimoire

The Unchained Grimoire meetings are not strictly Legion of Vengeance only. In fact they are not even hosted by the LoV, but we are putting this here because it is a weekly event that remains on the calendar.

You are always free to attend these meetings but it has one requirement. You must be a warlock! Sadly these events are warlock -only-. Well not entirely true anymore. You must be a follower of some form of dark arts however...

We imagine anyone else that wishes to attend will be removed with force instantly or go missing. Has there ever been a single non-warlock to talk about these events? No? Of course not....

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